These simple questions will help me to provide you with the best speaking/workshop possible that will fit the needs of your group. Please be as specific as possible.You may also email me to set up a time to discuss your needs by phone. 

These questions are designed to help me better understand your group and your needs/desires.They also help me to know what your perceived outcome is. If a question is not applicable to your group leave it blank.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Email Address: (required)
How many people will be in the audience?:

My pay rate depends on the size of the group. It also includes round-trip travel and accommodations.
What is the rate you have set aside for the presenter for your  event is this amount inclusive of those additional amenities mentioned ¬†above . 

Will you make the arrangements and email me the information?

Some clients are interested in providing a learning resource, such as a handout Would you be interested in my doing this? .If I email you a copy, will you be responsible for the reproduction and cost?

May I sell CD's or DVD's at your event?

Please provide the home/ cell your contact person.  Name

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Is there anything I should know but didn't ask? Anything you need from us? Anything we should know about you, your people, or organization or event that we failed to ask?


Thank you again for your cooperation!

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