What can I say about this “Grand” lady.  Her reputation is impeccable.  She has been, and still is a great asset to the South Union Church of Christ in Houston, Texas.  She has been a Ladies Bible Class Teacher, Youth Development Coordinator, Coordinator of the “Black History Program, Keynote Speaker for many Ladies Events and Activities and now she has Co-founded “The Creative and Performing Arts Ministry” and produces and directs “one act” plays that inspire you to want to be a better person.  They are presented as Dinner plays at the Marriott in the Galleria.(up-scale).   She is known by most members and all speak very highly of her.

From the Leadership:
Fred Holland
Elder, South Union Church of Christ

When I first enrolled in Dr. Hughes’ Sociology Class at San Jacinto College I did not know what a very special Professor she is.  I perceive her as an Angel sent from heaven above, who has the ability to inspire you with her caring ways.  She had an immediate impact on my life in three specific ways:  1. Building self esteem, 2. Implementing integrity through example, and 3. Encouraging me to grasp hold of hope. Within a few weeks my self esteem went from a -2 to a positive 10.

Before this class, I felt as though I was a failure, I couldn’t do anything right and just wanted to end  my life.

Dr Hughes woke up a heart that had been buried beneath years of suggestions that I was nothing , a nobody, and would never be anything.  My life took a 360-degree turn for the better, by just being in this woman’s presence.  She turned a disaster into a productive, fulfilled and strong individual that has the ability to love herself again.  I am joyful for having the opportunity to have been in the class of such a knowledgeable, influential, strong and caring Professor.

Marian Scott
Funeral Director


Dr. Mamie Hughes has been an inspiration to many women at South Union Church of Christ and the many places she speaks or conducts workshops.

She speaks at many events and always uplifts, inspires, and creates hope in  women .  She does this with her intelligence, her humility, and her profound way of getting you to look at yourself and your life.  She makes you mentally acknowledge those things you may not have admitted to yourself and always leaves you with the feeling that only YOU have the power to change yourself and your life. She is a great speaker and shares her knowledge in a unique way to others.

Lois T. Holland
Educator and Chair of the United Ladies Organization

Throughout my youth I have experienced elated moments and also made numerous mistakes.  I have also met many diverse people.  I met Professor Hughes while attending San Jacinto College Central.  The previous year I had heard through the “grapevine” that she was an awesome teacher.  Little did I know the extent of that “truth”.

Professor Hughes accepts nothing but “excellence” from her students. She pushes you to want to  do your absolute best.  She instills critical thinking into each student and brings out your opinions. I learned so much in this class.

I have always (as long as I remember) wanted to help people.  One day in class I expressed my desire to “help” people in poverty.  A few days later Dr. Hughes called me into her office and presented me with an exciting proposal.  She wanted to develop a student-based organization that would benefit society especially the poor and wanted me to be the “PRESIDENT”.  I was so overwhelmed that she had the faith in me to carry out such a huge responsibility.  I became the “PRESIDENT” of the new club, we focused on the “Star of Hope Mission” who shelters, feeds and houses many poor men, women and children.  This letter is only a small way of thanking this “amazing lady” for pushing me “head first” into excellence.  I can only hope this in some small way honors her and makes her the proud teacher of a “well taught student’ and a life long dream “achiever".

T’Noya Wyndre Thompson
President H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Through Endevors)

Dr. Mamie  Hughes is an excellent speaker and workshop presenter.  She has inspired so many women and we are so fortunate to have her as a member of our Church.  She has done many things and gives them all 100%. She has blessed us in many ways.

Mandura Ellis
Chairperson-Women’s Ongoing Activities Committee
South Union Church of Christ

Dr. Hughes’ told me to expect a different kind of workshop for our event, but having been  a long-time organizer of workshops I wondered “what does she mean?"  I have been an organizer of workshops for many years and that made me a participant in just as many.

I thought I had seen and heard it all.  This woman “blew my mind”.  She is charming, beautiful, intelligent, knowledgeable, unyielding, purposeful and demanding in a positive way.
She connected to the women in ways I thought unbelievable. AND they responded with sincere honesty.  I never thought tears would come to these “old” eyes but they did.  It was like you “wanted” to tell her your truths.  You not only wanted but you needed to hear her response.

I never thought I would see this happen.  Dr. Hughes, you are unique and you “walk softly but carry a big stick”.  A stick of compassion and empathy which is unusual in today’s world.  You touched my heart and the hearts of all under the sound of your voice.

When you are feeling “low” which I know you do sometimes because you give so much of yourself, take this letter out and curl up in your bed and “stroke” yourself.  Let your husband and children read it also. 

Melba Thomas
Chair-Women’s Programs
Barrett College Station

Hi, Mrs. Hughes: 
We are still raving over the workshop You know, one of these days I am going to use my head for more than a hat-rack!  By that I mean I should have taped the workshop.  You know, you kept telling me that the workshop would be an emotional one but I could not help but wonder at the time you told me.  I said to myself “I will just wait and see” But the next time I will be prepared and have plenty of Kleenex.  There are very few things that can bring tears to this “old girls” eyes, so you know I was pretty overwhelmed with it all.


Mrs. Hughes you have started an experience of enthusiasm, and challenges for those who want to take up the mantra.  You are not only exciting, you are awesome, in that the information you provide and the way you deliver it leaves a person in awe.  You present the unusual in such a convincing and practical manner that it makes one wonder:  How does she do it?

I have only two things to ask you:

Do let your husband and if possible, your children read this thank you note so that they will know how blessed they are to be in the company of such a wonderful Christian woman.

Keep this note and take it to work with you.  Put it in your desk so that when you are a little down you can also “stroke” yourself to remind yourself what a wonderful person you are and know that you really touched the lives of a lot of women at the Martin Luther King Jr. Church of Christ in Bryan College Station by simply putting us in touch with our feelings.


God loves you Mamie and so do I! 

Cynthia RobinsonChair-Ladies Activities
Martin Luther King Church of ChristBrian College Station

My dear, what can I say that you have not already heard?  You are one of the most unusually talented and gifted women I have ever seen.  You possess the unusual quality of imparting to people that you really “hear what they are saying” and you care.  You are not just someone bringing a message,  you bring “life changing” words and present them in such a way that a person can not get them off their mind.

I am proud to be your husband, and know that if you need me I will be here to help you when you need a shoulder, because I know sometimes you give so much.  You are a challenge and an inspiration to us all to give no less than our best as the old saying goes if you are a “ditch digger”  after a person listens to  you believe me they  will be the “best ditch digger” they can be and what is so important they will feel proud to be it.  I love you for being you.  Nothing phony about you my dear.

Your Husband,
Charles Hughes

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Hughes as a character in one of her plays.  She is committed, flexible yet decisive  She gives excellence and she expects no less from others.  I was very impressed by her dedication and how all the cast never missed a practice) even if it was in a barn(smile) ,and then we had to practice over a year. She also wants as much perfection as she can get from her performers and they want to please her.

When we finished our performance,  we received a standing ovation. How proud I felt because there were many times I wanted to “not go” and do something else especially since the practices were usually on Saturday mornings.
Mamie you’re the best and I am happy to be your Sister in Christ as well as your friend.

Tonya D. Lee (Minister’s wife South Union Church of Christ)
Funeral Director

My mother had the audacity to put my five year old daughter in a play and she had to practice every Saturday just like all the other cast.  I had to do everything to make sure she got there because if I didn’t my daughter I know would never let me forget. The night of the play I think my child had to say “two or three sentences” and sing a song with some other children.  I said to  the whole table “is this all my child has to say after practicing a year?’  They laughed.  I must admit I felt so proud and so did my wife.   Thanks Mom.  You taught her no matter how small “others” may think about what you are doing if it makes you happy, “do it”.

Your Son,
Ricky Te’Rell Allen

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